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QT12-15 block making machine is a popular model in yixin machinery for its high productitive and low energy consume.

with useage of germany frequency technology, our machine also had below advantages:

Use frequency Conversional Control technology
a) Under the frequency conversion control , this automatic block making machine utilizes the precise guide bearings to ensure the precise and parallel movement between the tamper head and mold, effectively avoiding the deformation of the machine ,in addition, the production rate is increased significantly with improvement of the vibrating efficiency.
b) With the frequency controlled vibration .the motors are controlled properly for its instantaneous start and stop so as to avoid overheating resulting from the ceaseless operation
c) This product is able to generally save 30% power.
Double Proportional and Direction Valves with High Activity
This automatics block making machine utilizes this value to regulate the oil flow and pressure automatically, preventing the hydraulic cylinder form being damaged by the inertia .Moreover the application of the valve ensures the stable production.
It chooses the integrated and soft oil pipes with high pressure that are convenient for installation.
360*Multi-shaft Rotating and Compulsory Feeding
This product offers high speed rotating and compulsory feeding and uniform mixing for the materials to ensure the block or bricks are made with optimal density and intensity. Moreover, the feeding time is largely shortened.
With the even feeding performance, this product is suited for diverse raw materials and molds
Germany Siemens PLC Control System. Touch Screen and Electrical Components
This automatic block making employs the visualized touch screen that shows the dynamic status of the system .This service is very easy for parameters setting, upgrading and adjusting to optimize the production output. Moreover, it offers automatic warming and automatic trouble shooting through the telecom service. Due to the automatic locking performance , some mechanical accidents caused by operational mistakes can be prevented effectively.
The Siemens PLC control system presents high adaptability, making sure of the stable and creditable performance of the machine.
Our product chooses the optimal electrical components form Siemens.
5. Thermal Treatment on Molds and Principal Parts
a) This automatic block making machine is designed with the heavy duty frame that `is made of high intensity steel with progressive thermal treatment. Both the machine and the molds are highly abrasion resistant.
b) The hardness of the product is tested to be HRC 52.
c) Due to the advanced production technology, the machine has an increase of lifespan by 50%


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