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hydraulic pressure machine

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  • QT800 Automatic hydraulic brick making machine

    Time:2018-09-22   Click(909)
    Yixin Block Machine is a professional machine manufacturer specializing in the production of concrete products such as blocks, pavers, curbs and imitation stone bricks. The main product has: fully automatic block making machine, hydraulic brick machine, board-free block making machine, brick machine supporting equipment (concrete batching machine, mixer, etc.), automatic cuber system, etc. The products sell well all over the domestic and overseas. At present, the company has dozens of authorized patented technologies . The company has strong technical strength can design and produce complete sets of equipment of different types and specifications for users. The technical level is leading domestically and internationally
  • QT4000 Completely automatic concrete brick forming machine

    Time:2018-09-22   Click(969)
    Under the frequency conversion control , this automatic block making machine utilizes the precise guide bearings to ensure the precise and parallel movement between the tamper head and mold, effectively avoiding the deformation of the machine ,in addition, the production rate is increased significantly with improvement of the vibrating efficiency. b) With the frequency controlled vibration .the motors are controlled properly for its instantaneous start and stop so as to avoid overheating resulting from the ceaseless operation