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production of mobile construction waste treatment - brick production line

Date of publication2018-10-01    EditorsThis station is published     Click897

In recent years, China has begun to pay attention to the rational use of material resources, put forward "energy-saving emission reduction" and other policies, and carried out a large number of feasibility studies, such as the traditional wall materials Zero garbage recycling, waste masonry materials in the application of garden roads and other practices.
Quanzhou Yixin Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.  and production of mobile construction waste treatment - brick production line (mobile brick factory), the construction waste treatment mobile crushing station and mobile brick machine matching, brick factory "moved" to the demolition site, construction site, so that it becomes a "mobile brick factory", can be in the scene. It is made into 15 kinds of bricks, such as road bricks, paving bricks, grass-planting bricks, square bricks, permeable bricks, unburned bricks, etc., mostly used in municipal construction. At present, this kind of equipment has been successfully used in Harbin, Kunming, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Xi'an, Hangzhou and other domestic first-line cities.
The construction waste brick replaces the traditional clay solid brick as the masonry material, purifies the environment, saves the energy, protects the land resources, is a kind of product with economic and social benefits, thus makes the construction industry embark on a benign cycle of economic model, and becomes the driving force of sustainable development of the construction industry. The Notice on Further Promoting the Application of Renewable Energy in Building issued by the Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Construction and the Ministry of Finance clearly states that by 2020, the proportion of renewable energy consumption in the construction sector will account for more than 15% of building energy consumption. Construction waste brick accords with the connotation of real green building materials: renewable resources, low-consumption production, energy conservation and environmental protection. The era of green building development has arrived. We need to use green building in the future.